Friday, April 14, 2023

Meet our Strongsville Spring Vendors!

Meet AsjaĆ©a Troutman from Jue Draws…

I’m an artist and nail tech, and I've always wanted to have an established art business. I love whimsical, unrealistic and cartoon-type art. Over the years I've gathered small aspects of shows, movies and other artists and incorporated them into my own pieces that I have today. 

I've been drawing and creating since I was a child. I still have the computer paper mini books I made from before I was 10 years old. I even have a character binder with hundreds of characters I used to create. 

This is the first avante garde show I've ever participated in!

My mood and other artists inspire me to create. If I watch an especially inspiring movie or show, I snatch up my ipad and start sketching ideas. If I'm upset or angry, I do the same thing and create mini villains. Most of my characters, though, reflect my general “bored” mood. 

What got me into my craft… I've been into art prints for a couple of years. Thanks to the support of my family, I was gifted an IPad and other art tools to push me towards my goals as an artist. 

I don't think I really discovered my creative talent until I noticed the progress I made with digital art and nail art. I've come far in 2 years! 

My creative process would be described as erratic and random. Sometimes I have a plan for what I want to draw, and others it turns out completely different than how I planned it. 

In 5 years I see myself with my own space/studio, selling art prints and other accessories. I look forward to my growing entrepreneurship journey! 

The message behind my work varies from piece to piece. I want to express the overall love for my skin.

Meet Vicki Schofield from Sassy Salvage & Designs… 

Hi, my name is Vicki and I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been living in Columbia Station now for over 20 years. I have been a crafter all of my life, dabbling in this and that. 

I started off doing flowers for weddings and my creative side took over. You can say I am an eclectic crafter! It wasn’t until covid that I found a new passion…repurposing and upcycling furniture and other odds and ends!

I have mainly done crafting as a hobby and would give as gifts or do an occasional craft show. Friends and family said I should start selling some of my work and that is when my small business Sassy Salvage & Designs was born. My husband has even walled off half the basement for me, which is now my work area for all of my crafting. 

I have recently rented a small space at Handmade Haven in Strongsville where I sell some of my crafts along with other local artisans. I am currently working on a website, but for now I have a page on Facebook to show off my items. 

I love being in craft shows and have been in Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows for 2 years now!

I like to create things that are interesting, but yet practical to use. I don’t know where the inspiration comes from…I guess just the world around me and whatever sparks an idea. I also do custom work for people. Whether it be a piece of furniture, a centerpiece or a wreath, I love creating things for people to look at and enjoy.

Meet Michael Murray from Michael Murray Photography…

I specialize in color and black & white photography of landscapers and cityscapes, including rivers, waterfalls, mountains, wildlife, bridges and skylines. Photos are often taken from unusual angles and in hard-to-reach locations.

Meet MaryEllen Pawlak from ARTkissed...

I am a self taught artist, and love experimenting with various materials, learning new techniques, and using lots of color. Art has always been my passion. It's therapeutic, relaxing and fun! I've been creating and doing artistic things my whole life.

How I discovered my talent… In school I was chosen to design program covers, bulletin boards, and stage sets for our school plays. At a past job I led the team in our annual Holiday Door Decorating contest! Winning three years in a row! lol! And of course, I always made my kids Halloween costumes, using thrift store finds.  

In the 80's I started my own Home Party business: "From the Heart Country Creations" I designed Country pieces… yep, ducks, cows, hearts etc. that I hand cut from large pine boards with my little Craftsman Jig Saw. and then custom painted. While the parties were very successful, after 2 years, I decided to move on to other ventures.

Once I discovered the wonders of the Internet, I began selling paintings, collaged greeting cards and jewelry on Ebay and Etsy. I have been doing business as "ARTkissed" since 1998, but I much prefer meeting people and selling my art in person. I love when my customer tells me the piece they've chosen is going to be a gift for someone special. That's a pretty cool feeling.

This will be my third Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. It's such a great venue and I'm always impressed with the great turn out every time.


My current obsession is making Paper Clay Bowls and Vessels. I started five years ago, using "Creative Paperclay'' which is a "store-bought" clay. It works great, but it isn't cheap. After searching the internet and Youtube, I learned how to make my own Paper Clay, using my shredded JUNK MAIL! and OLD BILLS! I love that I can recycle and transform Junk Mail into something functional, and beautiful! I love the organic feel of Paper Clay and the possibilities are endless. It's different from Paper Mache, as Paper Mache is generally torn strips of paper that are dipped in a "paste" made from flour and water and applied to a mold in many layers. Paper Clay can be molded on its own, shapes, figures and even bowls. 

As my Grandson says: "We turned junk into good stuff!" ....YES!  And btw.. Kids LOVE mixing and making things from Paper Clay. As you can imagine, everyone is always offering to "donate" their shredded paper to me. 

I work from my Art room, that's filled with Art supplies, books, plants, photographs, twinkle lights and other hygge things I love.

A great weekend? An all day Rain...maybe even a little thunderstorm or two, coffee, dark chocolate always within reach, maybe some Bowie or Beatles playing in the background, and doing nothing but art... all day! Even better?..... doing art with my sweet little Grandbabies. 

I am blessed with the love and support of my three awesome kids, three adorable Grandkids,  three crazy Sisters and wonderful friends.


My five year plan? Just keep doing ART!

Meet Jenna Rose Hoffman from Gone Bad Glassworks…

Hi! My name is Jenna Rose Hoffman, the creator behind Gone Bad Glassworks. I Recently moved to Ohio, originally from california. I’m a (probably) retired hairstylist, and competitive powerlifter. I spend my days trying to soak up the sunshine, drinking too much coffee (I'm a bit of a bean snob) and exploring my new town. 

I’ve been crafting for a little under a year! This will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, and first ever craft show! 

What inspires me to create… Everything! It may sound cliche, but I truly am in a constant daydream-world of ‘ooh I should make that’ level of inspiration, it’s non stop. Which is great, but also sometimes turns into an executive dysfunction squirrel brain situation and I have to put myself into a more structured plan to get to the creation part. 

What got me into my craft… A recent divorce, I wanted a distraction and a way to stay busy that felt creative and productive. 

I discovered my talent by diving right in! I tend to have an “I can do that” mentality about almost anything. Sometimes to a fault. It’s a confidence in my capabilities that may sometimes be absolutely unhinged, but it works a lot of the time

My creative process is pretty structured for the most part. Once I can sort out the chaos in my brain, and streamline it into one idea- I’ll draw up the pattern, and my system just kinda falls into place from there. 

In five years where do I see myself… Good question, this has been such a whirlwind so far that i haven’t given it much thought. Long term, I'd love to open a coffee roastery/shop. I want to continue to learn more about the different ways to do stained glass and hopefully work on some large scale projects. I'm also sort of interested in stained glass art restoration work. 

The message behind my work… It’s all about fun and good vibes. I want my work to make someone smile. I tend to lean heavily into the custom pet and people portraits because they’re so incredibly rewarding to make something so personal for someone. More

often than not they’re given as gifts so to be able to really make something special is what makes me feel rewarded.

Meet Shannon Baranauskas from Art by Shananigan…

Hello, I am Shannon Baranauskas - Artist and Owner of Art by Shananigan. I have a strong passion for creating art and empowering women. Why not combine them? Usually, you'll find me behind a camera as I have professional experience in the video production world. Although from a young age, I've always had a paint brush hiding in my back pocket. I thought it was about time that the paint brush also made its way front and center.


I have been painting and capturing photography for a long time, though I just started my small business in May of 2022.

This upcoming April craft show will be my 3rd Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!

I am fascinated by other people, telling their stories and lifting them up through kindness. This inspires me to create art that will empower others, especially women. 

What got me into my craft… Since I was little, my parents encouraged me to pursue the creative arts. I am so grateful for this because it has led me to the career path I am on now, with digital media creation and painting. 

How did I discover my talent… My painting talents were practiced for many years, crafted by play and countless YouTube tutorials. It was always a fun challenge to try to paint something new and watch videos to teach myself! 

My ideas usually float to me sporadically and I am caught jotting them down for stored inspiration. Once I have my idea and set time for fun, I conceptualize what that idea may look like on my chosen canvas. When painting, I often enjoy choosing store-bought or recycled canvases that are unconventional such as clothing, mirrors or wood (sometimes, even using wine to paint with- fun right?). When taking portraits and creative photography, I look online and in my life for inspiration and make note of ideas when they arrive in my mind. When photographing, I incorporate fun elements like mirrors, water and flowers to help images tell a visual story.

In 5 years, I see my business developing an online shopping platform to purchase original pieces and place custom orders in addition to participating in 5 crafts shows a year! 

The message behind my work is to uplift and empower the women around you, in your life.

2023 Strongsville Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday & Sunday, April 15 & 16, 2023
 10:00am-4:00pm on Saturday
11:00am-4:00pm on Sunday
Strongsville Ehrnfelt Recreation Center
18100 Royalton Rd.
Strongsville, OH 44136
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Strongsville Holiday Shopping Awaits!

Meet Tabitha Prisinzano from Lunarcvlt Creations...

My name is Tabitha Prisinzano and I am the owner of Lunarcvlt Creations in Lakewood, OH. I have never been the type to feel comfortable in a regular 9 to 5 job. Back in late 2019, dissatisfied with my career in insurance, I took it upon myself to learn the art of candle making. I watched endless tutorials and studied into the wee hours of the morning creating the perfect candle recipe and creating lovely scent combinations. Let’s just say sleep was not at the top of the list of my priorities during this time. Turns out, it paid off. People loved my candles and I was making a nice supplemental income from candle sales. 

Then, in late 2020, I slipped on the ice and broke my ankle in two places. The break was so bad it required surgery and I was left immobilized for 2 months. Knowing I was going to be incredibly bored stuck in bed for that long I had a close friend bring me a couple skeins of yarn and ordered crochet hooks and darning needles from Amazon. This is where my journey began. I seemed to be a natural. I always knew I wanted to make plush toys. Within a year, I was designing my own patterns. Turns out there was a demand for my creations. Coworkers and social media friends began placing custom orders. I knew I had to expand. The thing that makes this work most fulfilling is seeing the laughter and happiness on peoples faces when they see my creations. The world is so full of hardship and sadness. Laughter is truly the best medicine and my cute little plushies give that to the world. This is my contribution. 

After years of hard work, I am now able to make my business full time. In five years I would like to see my blog and social media presence grow and to own my own storefront. Participating in these festivals is helping me achieve that goal. This will only be my second Avant-Guard Fair but I’m enthusiastic to participate in the years to come.

Meet Sarah Mitschke from Different Branches Same Roots...
Hi my name is Sarah Mitschke, I'm an ex racerdriver from Richfield ohio and current medieval gift shop owner. I started off back in highschool building chainmail armor for our senior art show and everything snowballed from there. I started building chainmail jewelry and then with all the extra wire I quickly got into wire wrapping. I build simple 5$ pieces out of copper or aluminum and I also do high end pieces that can go for hundreds out of copper or silver. The little 5$ pieces are my favorite because I get to follow the flow of the stone. I have yet to do a craft show with Avent garde but I am very excited. 
I always like to carry a little dragon on me when I go to shows so people can have a small taste of what fun I have back at my store in Richfield ohio. The thing that really blows people's minds is that I've accomplished all these things and I'm only 21 which I'm told is the youngest you can be to own an LLC in the state of Ohio. 
In 5 years I hope that my new little store takes off and can quit my day job working for myself full time with a nice large showroom with seemingly Neverending inventory.

Meet Heidi Toews of Horticulture by Heidi...
I spent most of my life in Maine only recently moving to Ohio. Avant-Garde will be my fourth show this year, but I have been quilting and crafting for over 30 years. Quilting provided a space for solace, creativity and peace in a very intense life as a pediatric intensive care nurse, wife and mother. Smaller primitive quilts are my favorite obsession with endless color palettes for creating simple snapshots of life. It’s not hard to find inspiration for these mini quilts, especially around the holidays!
After spending the last 4 months traveling across the country to welcome our three grandchildren, I’ve continued to collect and dry flowers from every state. This labor of love, from the moment they are discovered to the moment they are dried, is to display the simple beauty of nature. Often making the cards can take almost as long as a quilt, helping to find the right composition and simplicity. 

Meet Annie Ricker from ElegantAnnie22...

Hi my name is Annie Ricker.  I am a stay at home wife and mom to two children. I’m a Veteran who served in the Air Force as a Security Forces member.  

I started doing more with my hands after my first child was born.  My daughter loved to color and make things when she was very young and she still does today, she’s 12.  Watching her be creative has encouraged my creativeness.  Children are very inspiring!  I have experimented in lots of different hobbies including wood working, painting, crocheting, clay and sewing.  I have found that clay and sewing is where I get the most satisfaction.  I have been working with polymer clay for about a year and a half. I love that I can share my art by wearing it. I enjoy all the different colors and all the possibilities that you can create with clay.   Sewing is another passion I have been doing since high school.  My Grandmother inspired me to sew since I was young.  She would make me clothes and I loved them!

I am excited as this will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft show.  I started this fall sharing my creative work with others, and I appreciate all the feedback!  My creative process comes when I sit down and get my clay out.  It just happens! There have been lots of interesting pieces that have come out of this.  

Come stop by, I look forward to meeting you!  

Meet Kathleen Walker from Leaf and Willow...

I have been crafting and creating since I was child. I was a single mom for most of my adult life and pursued a career as a registered nurse , which supported myself and my three children for over a decade. Fast forward to today, when I’m finally able to make my dream a reality and turn my passion for arts and crafts into my own business! 
The bohemian aesthetic has always appealed to me and what better way to express that free spirited style than with handmade macrame! From wall hangings to plant holders, there is something for everyone to add a touch of boho flair to their home! 

Each piece is created with love and positive vibes! It makes my heart so happy to see other people enjoy my creations! This will be my second Avant - Garde show and I can’t wait to see everybody there!

2021 Strongsville Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday & Sunday, November 19 & 20, 2022
Strongsville Ehrnfelt Recreation Center
18100 Royalton Rd.
Strongsville, OH 44136
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Friday, April 8, 2022

Strongsville Show Sneak Peak!

 Meet Hailey from Biasci...

Hello! My name is Hailey and I am 20 years old. This is my first ever art show where I'll be selling my artwork and I am elated. Ever since childhood art has been a big part of my life. It was a way for me to express emotions that could not be spoken, only created through drawings and paintings. Art is the way I communicate with the world. I want my paintings to give others a look into my mind. The colorful backgrounds in my paintings show who I am as an individual, someone who is bright, bubbly, and spontaneous. The darker parts of my paintings, however, reflect my struggles with anxiety. Although I am this happy person on the outside, I still struggle with anxiety on the inside from time to time. When creating my paintings I always put on my favorite tunes. This allows me to zone out and focus on the blank canvas in front of me. I never have a plan, I just let my paintbrush take me wherever it may go. I hope to continue my career as an artist and set up my virtual shop where I can sell my art to those around the world! I am excited to see what my future has in store for me! 

Meet Samantha and Laurie...

We are sister-in-laws that share a love for making things! We both consider ourselves hobby crafters, as we have full-time careers in nursing (Laurie) and Data Management (Sam) but every minute of free time we have is spent on crafting things that make us happy! Laurie loves to crochet and make all natural candles and soaps while Sam's passion lies with Resin work where the possibilities are truly endless. 

We've been crafting for as long as we can remember! Laurie was taught how to crochet by her mother at a young age and has never stopped, while one of Sam's earliest memories is when her dad converted his basement workbench into a craft station. Sam now has her own house with a workbench/craft station! This will be our first show with Avant-Garde Art & Craft and we couldn't be more excited!

We've always had an eagerness to create. Now that we're established as professionals and adults we've grown our love of crafting into a small business where we can share our creations with everyone to use or give as gifts! Neither of us have ever been good at drawing or painting but found that creating things with our hands suits us. I think its comforting to be able to mold something from scratch that can be enjoyed and used in more ways than one. It's the sense of joy we feel once a project is completed that encourages us to continue learning and growing as crafters. 

Laurie is a visual learner so rather than following patterns or books she looks to youtube tutorials to follow along and learn new methods of crafting. Depending on the project, Laurie likes to watch movies or listen to music while she crochets her smaller peices, and then for the larger projects she plans ahead and works out components over the course of a few weeks this keeps crafting fun and manageable rather than being bogged down by the length of time some projects take to complete.

Sam's a natural researcher so when she has an idea for something the first thing she does is research whether it's been created, what techniques are used, what tips she can find to create the perfect piece and then there's always some trial and error involved. For example she loves creating dice for Dungeons and Dragons but before she started making them she watched hundreds of videos about the process and started practicing with resin first by making bookmarks. The learning is endless with resin and she loves that! 

In 5 years, Laurie would like to work on larger, more complicated projects and build up an etsy shop with the goal of shipping to each of our 50 states and internationally so that her beautiful crafts are enjoyed worldwide.

For Sam, In 5 years she will have started her family and will have climbed the ladder in her systems admin career- but she will also have the expensive tools needed to create gorgeous dice sets and will likely sell on the side for fun! 

Laurie and Sam pride themselves on creating pieces that are both beautiful and functional so that their art can be enjoyed both for their design and use. We also love supporting other local artists and make sure to promote, purchase and share the work of our talented friends to boost the small business community. Another priority for our work is to continue learning, weather that's in creating new crochet patterns and soaps or learning new techniques to create and finish resin pieces. 

Meet Rachel from (Insert Business name Here)...

As a 50+ year old woman, I am pretty typical, I'm tired of working my regular job and want to spend my time doing creative things.  I have been a secretary for 22 years, and still work full time, but enjoy making crafts.  Sadly, I cannot fit all of my creations in my home, there simply isn't enough room, so the next best thing is to try and sell them.

I have been crocheting and quilting for about 10 years, mainly for family and friends, and a little for sale, I've made several memorial quilts, a few dress alterations, some window/shower curtains, I've refurbished some items for use in my home, and little odds and ends like hats, scarves, pillows, cushions, the list goes on and on.  I have also recently been helping others with redecorating rooms in their homes, including painting, wallpaper, countertop covers, window treatments, light fixtures, and even a little flooring.

I love texture, in fabric mainly, and I love to design new things that are different from anything I can go to a store and buy. Over the years I have used leftover materials to decorate in my creative fashion, I like the idea of not having to spend money to make money, and there are so many materials laying around already, no reason to purchase new materials when I can repurpose what I already have, it feels like a form of recycling, in a very creative way.

I have tried to use patterns, but always divert to my own ways, even in cooking, I like to add the "Rachel" touch to everything, it makes me feel unique. I spend a lot of time thinking about my creations, and then I spend time in the process, making changes as I go.  Rarely does my first idea remain the same, I tend to develop the creation as I go, and learn a lot in the process, sort of like "on the job training".

In 5 years I hopefully will enjoy crafting as much as I do today, and with any luck I won't be working a regular job full time anymore, and therefore I'll have more time to devote to crafts.

2022 Strongsville will be my first craft show ever as a vendor, wish me luck!

2022 Strongsville Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday & Sunday, April 9 & 10, 2022
 10:00am-4:00pm on Saturday
11:00am-4:00pm on Sunday
Strongsville Ehrnfelt Recreation Center
18100 Royalton Rd.
Strongsville, OH 44136
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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